Monday, 21 December 2015

After Christmas Break....

So most of you are probably still recovering from the Christmas activities in your classroom and completing the month of December by scraping children (of all ages) off of the ceiling. Soooo..... I am posting this for you to think about upon your return to school in January (after the kerfuffle).

When the kiddos come back from break, they are a mess. Let's be honest. Lots of days of sleeping in, eating sweets like it's no body's business and little or no reading, writing or arithmetic. 


So back on track we go......

How do we re-energize our kiddos?

First thing I like to do is celebrate the New Year. 
Both young and old, love to do this.
We share in a toast. I also ask the kids to say one goal out
loud that they have for the new year. We circulate around the room.

For my younger kiddos, we actually "toast" to the new year with.... TOAST! 
We also made goals on toast.

My older students also made "sticky note goals"..... so that they can be edited (if need be). You can pick up a copy of this template HERE

For my younger students, I created a reading challenge This helps them get back on track and on the move again.
You can pick up a challenge pack HERE.

For older students, I usually did a reading challenge. This year I picked up a reading challenge bucket list during the Teachers Pay Teachers sale. When I head back into the classroom to teach upper grades, I will be using this.
Here is a free sample of a list I have used in the past. You can set up a challenge grid in your room and have prizes etc. Whatever you feel motivates your kids.
This gives kids a chance to choose their own books, but not HAVE to read what you pick for them.

Other freebies you might want to check out:

I love this idea.....Mini "Survival Packs".... Good way to review rules and expectations. Also great tips for students on how to survive the remainder of the year in the classroom. There are also editable files available (for you to put your own spin on it)... or, perhaps you could have students create their own. 
Anywho.... just a few ideas for the back burner!
Rest up and restore!

Have a great Christmas Break!
See you in the new year :)

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

New Science Pack for Upper Grades

Last year I taught grade 6 for the first time. Loved the grade, hated a good chunk of the curriculum..... especially Science and Social Studies.

I am trying my best to put some of the ideas and activities that I did last year into packages to help other teachers out. I find the curriculum very scattered and I have been trying to tie it all together. Nevertheless, another Science Pack has been completed and is on sale until the weekend.

"Understanding Life Systems *Biodiversity*” package is specifically linked to the Ontario Science Curriculum. It is a great pack to use if you are teaching a straight or combined class. 

What’s inside this pack?

83 page pack....

*All activities and lesson come with attached Learning Goals*

-Memory Game- Introduction Activity to Biodiversity
-Biodiversity Video with chart activity
-Bio-Dash Vocabulary Game (Activating Prior Knowledge)
-Vocabulary sheets for notebooks (key terms)
-Awareness Poster shared discussion/discussion cards
-Awareness Poster Assignment with marking rubric
-Analyzing News Broadcast – Biodiversity
-News Articles with Analysis Sheets
- News Broadcast Assignment with Marking Rubric
-Class Debate – Human Effects on Biodiversity & anecdotal note marking sheet
-5 Kingdom Info Sheet & Study Card Activity
-5 Kingdom Definition Sheet
-5 Kingdom Diorama Assignment with Example Pictures & Marking Checklist, for Diorama. Diorama Presentation checklist & audience viewing questions/sheet
-Biodiversity Quiz
- Vertebrates & Invertebrates video & viewing guide for students
-Plant Kingdom- Independent Research & video
-Life Systems Group Song Assignment with Marking Sheet
-Species Diversity – Video Remake Assignment with Rubric
-Crop Diversity Website Navigation Activity & Teacher Guide
-Invasive Species Info & Newspaper Assignment with templates and marking rubric.

Some assignments involve the use of technology.

 Have a great Wednesday!