Tuesday, 24 February 2015

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Looking forward to Chinese New Year, looking back to Valentine's Day

Chinese New Year

This is the year of the SHEEP.  I chose to make this simple sheep popsicle stick puppet. The students really enjoyed making the groundhog day puppets last week, and we made short drama based skits with them. I plan on doing the same with the sheep puppets. This was an easy way to expose the students to drama and I was able to get an assessment mark as well. 
Here is an example of what we are going to make:

I can't wait to make the booklet found in this package.  All my previous classes have loved learning about the different traditions celebrated on Chinese New Year. This simple printable booklet made a great whole group guided reading activity and was filled with fun and exciting facts about Chinese New Year.

This package also includes many hands on activities that you can do with your class, from Venn diagrams to making your very own lucky red pouches and fortune cookies.

Don't forget to check out this scrabble freebie activity. 

Valentine's Day

We had a blast last Friday when we celebrated Valentine's Day. It is one of my favourite holidays to celebrate with a class in the primary grades. I am not sure if it is as innocent in older grades as it is in first grade, but I always have had 100% participation, even if I had to print out Valentine's for students that didn't have any. What I love is that every student gets a Valentine, no students are left out at this age. The kids love giving them out and getting them.
After we made mailboxes to put our Valentine's in we passed them out. There was no way I could wait till later in the day to do this, they were so distracted by what they had brought in to school. I figured if you can't beat them join them, so I gave in and they were so focused for the rest of the day.  

Valentine -Language, Math and Science

We did a 5 senses "Hershey Kiss" language activity and carried it into math for the afternoon, with addition and subtraction, a taste survey and "fill in the missing number" kiss. Counting with "Hershey Kisses" is a hands on activity that the students just loved. 

Science with Valentine's day hearts with experiment sheets and predictions. Check out this freebie I found on Teacher Pay Teacher.

This year I passed out "Tic Tac Toe" Valentines with a package of pink and white tic tacs. I taught the students how to play and we had a class tournament. 
Here is picture of some of our favourite things from the day.

Hope everyone had a fantastic and fun Family Day!

...dedicated to my partner Kaitlin and the wonderful addition to her family.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Groundhog Day and 100's Day!

What a crazy fast moving week. Monday was a snow day, Tuesday was a belated groundhog day, Thursday was parent teacher interviews, and Friday was 100's day. When you have a week like that , you blink and it is over. 

Here are some of the highlights of our week. 

I absolutely love groundhog day, so even though we missed it because of a snow storm, I had so much planned I decided to still celebrate it with the students.  It is a great opportunity to practise whole teaching. You can easily touch on all the subjects with this holiday. The students began their day with a groundhog story then they made groundhog popsicle stick puppets, a stage for a poem and a home for all our materials from the day. A groundhog is an amazing mammal and there are so many interesting facts about them. My favorite ground hog day book is "Groundhog gets a Say" If you haven't read it , you will love sharing it with your class. It is a great resource for teaching VOICE.

Mid-week indoor snow activities

It was a week indoors with the very cold temperatures and all the ice and snow. What can you do indoors in Canada?  You plan cotton ball snowball fights and make igloo's. 

I found this craft on pinterest and we had an incredible cotton ball snowball fight in the classroom. The cups with the balloon glued on the end worked like a sling shot and was a great launcher for the cotton balls. What a way to use up some energy when you are stuck inside all day because of the weather outside. 

After talking about things you can do with snow, we read a non-fiction book on igloos. The student in my class love non-fiction. I decided to make igloos with them and they took their time starting at the bottom and working their way to the top with marshmallows, all the while pretending they were using blocks of snow. 

For 100's day I used activities from our "The Simple 100th Day of School" package. We sorted different snack foods onto our place mats and then I had them fill their snack foods into a triangular bag starting smallest to largest. Great assessment activity for math. We also made Froot Loop necklaces and placed number markers counting by 10's. The student's also drew what they would look like when they are 100 years old and had to count how many licks it would take them to finish a lollipop. Our package has so many activities, it is impossible to do them all in one day.  

Thank you

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Collection of Crafts

Here are a few crafts that I have done with my grade one's over the last couple of months. I put them together to share because they worked out very well with my younger group of students.

Media in First Grade

I used our media package with my first grader's, but had to pick and choose the pages that the students could complete. My group is very weak with their printing/writing skills. The package was great to introduce them to gimmicks and strategies that are used to sell products to different audiences. The students learned a lot about colours, text features, and product placement. I chose to use a lunchable for the student project. Each child came up with healthy alternative for the food, amazing treats to persuade kids to want them. We included a recyclable container and cover to help their awareness of how important it is to take care of the world we live in.
Here is what their incredible young minds came up with. 

It is snowing like crazy right now where I live in Tecumseh, Ontario. 

One can only hope :)

Thank you