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Monday, 29 July 2013

A Quick Monday Mashup!

 Throughout the school year I tutor a few students. We decided to keep up the tutoring throughout the summer....the focus being Language and Math. I wanted to share a quick math game that I played with them this morning, that can easily be adapted for the classroom setting.
This game is called "Math Dominoes". It's an old game I purchased at a garage sale a few years ago, and decided to take out to practise math facts.

It's a basic game, but is super cute!
The kids attach their answers to the questions and the questions to the answers..... creating a domino effect. This a great game for a math center.
If you don't have the game, it is easy to make.
This year in my classroom I created a quick center called "Math Link and Chains". This summer at a workshop that I attended, they called it "Math Ladders". It's an easy game that you can whip up or that you can create with your class for a math center.
On one side of the stick is an answer and the other side has a question.
See picture below.
Our writing activity this morning was paragraph writing- "How To"
 The boys I work with LOVE skateboarding and dirt bikes, so this was their basis for their
 "#hashtag" topic!

Here is some of their writing this morning.
Topic- "#New Skateboard Park"
Topic Sentence- "The new skate park in Tecumseh is dangerous and fun."
Each sentence following, was evidence why the park is dangerous and fun. He was amazed at how much he wrote. When their mom came to pick them up, they were so pumped to read their paragraph. She was thrilled :) Breaking it down for the boys definitely made this writing activity manageable and less overwhelming.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Two "Twitter" Inspired Packs for the New School Year!

This month Christine and I have been busy creating some resources and activities that we wanted to use in our classrooms this year. After brainstorming up some new ideas, we decided that we needed to embrace the social media craze and create a package (or 2) based on the basics of "Twitter" or "tweeting". Now, I am sure some of you Type A teachers are squirming at the fact that twitter is based on short forms and made up words etc. But believe it or not, it's what the kids are doing. Even if they don't know what it is, it's still a fun way to get kids to write. It's a way for kids to step outside of the "writing box"..... step outside mundane writing activities and just have fun.

This summer we have revamped our Student of the Week project and have added some new elements. One of them, a tweet board.
This pack is $2.50 and it includes:
*Display pages for the activity for each day of the week
 *Instruction page explaining assignment to parents and students
 *Instruction to parent/guardian for note from home
 *Paragraph cards for students
 *Labels for parent letter envelopes
 *Parent/Guardian Letter Stationary
 *Invitation for lunch friend
*Certificate for Star Student
We want kids to be excited to share/present/write/read and just be them! This is what we had in mind when we created it. We hope that you too, can make use of this pack in your classroom.
The next pack we have created is a pack that is intended to be used with grades 1-4 (grade one’s will use it closer to the end of the year when they begin to write a simple sentence). You could easily use it for higher grades, too. Especially if they are not where you need them to be with the basics of writing.
 We have included a template of the “Tweeting” Paragraph Style that can be used on an overhead with the whole class. We have also included a grade one, two, three and four level template, with an example of each.

This package also has a blank template that can be used for writing paragraphs in all subjects once “Tweeting” Paragraph Style has been mastered.

This Package is $2.00 and it includes:

 *Explanation of idea for package
*Instructions on how to use this package
*Overhead blank template
*Examples and templates for Grades 1,2,3,and 4
*Blank Template for Paragraph
We have bundled both of these packs together for $3.50!!
Take a look at the Star Student Boards in our classroom {HERE}
Have a "Tweet" Wednesday! :)

Friday, 19 July 2013

And the Winner Is.........Plus, Favorite Pins Friday!

The winner of K&C's Summer Giveaway--- winning two of our new packs {Monday to Monday Folder Pack & The Compliment Cupcake} is..........
Check your email..... These packs will be in your inbox today :)
We hope that you can make good use of them!
For those of you who didn't win, but would like to still snag one of these packs {The Monday to Monday Folder & The Compliment Cupcake} they are
 ON SALE for 20% off Friday-Sunday!
We have also bundled The Monday to Monday Folder Pack and The Compliment Cupcake Pack :)
And it's Friday Folks! Here's another installment of "Favorite Pins Friday" hosted by Carol's First Grade Parade.
This week I am focusing on "Back to School" Pins :)
Love this back to school book list! My favorites are definitely First Day Jitters, Chrysanthemum and the Important Book.
I heart this cute idea from Lesson Plan SOS. A fun, interactive way to learn about student and teacher responsibilities in a brand new classroom with a brand new teacher! Students make a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the role of the teacher and the student!
I used this idea this year and would use it again! So adorable. Together we read the book "No, David!" We then created a list of things David COULD do in our classroom! (A reverse of what you "Shouldn't Do"). This is from Mrs. Saylor's Log.
Here is my No David bulletin board from this past year. This was a GREAT activity for the beginning of the year!
I love this little pail-- I am always choosing names for partners etc. and this would be a great little pail to make to keep throughout the year!
This picture comes from Amy Lemons.
Finally, I like this idea to frame and display on a "Get to Know You Board". I might even create these and then put them into a Class Book :) Go to:
Have kids brainstorm a list of their great qualities. Either you can have the kids go to this site during computers or you (the teacher), can do this on your own for the kids.
And two of my favorite pinned quotes....


Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Giveaway!

Christine and I have been working hard these past few weeks to tweek, re-create and brainstorm new ideas for the school year.

We have completed two packs that are great to start your school year off with!
Graphics by "Simply Brenna"- ETSY Designer

We are giving away these 2 packs in our K&C Summer Giveaway!
The Monday to Monday Folder
This package includes:
*Monday to Monday Folder Covers
*A weekly Reading Log
*Monday to Monday Folder explanation note for Parents
*Reading Strategy Card (Print, Folder/Cut, Laminate)
*Reading Tip Sheet
*Student Questionnaire (Great for the beginning of the yr)
*Parent Questionnaire (Great for the beginning of the yr.)
*Words of the Week Explanation/Note home
*Words of the week templates
*2 newsletter templates
**Templates come in colored and black & white printing options**Students bring home the folder on Monday and return it the following Monday.

This allows students to gain some independence and takes the pressure off of parents/guardians to fill out reading logs nightly, sign tests immediately and return permission forms the next day!
It has worked WONDERFULLY in our classrooms and we have heard nothing but positive feedback from parents and guardians.

Our next new package is a new way to communicate with parents and keep them up to date with areas of success and improvement.

The Compliment Cupcake
The compliment cupcake was designed to provide feedback on something the student does well and at the same time provide feedback on a skill they need to improve or work harder on.
This package includes:
*Principle behind the compliment cupcake
*Instructions on how to use the compliment cupcake
*Details on how to use the compliment cupcake for home communication
*A letter to parents
*4 compliment cupcake templates (with and without parent signatures options)
*Suggestions for strengths and achievement  (icing)
*Suggestions for areas of improvement (cupcake bottom)

Click below to enter our draw! A winner will be chosen on Friday! :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 12 July 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

I'm linking up with The First Grade Parade today to share in "Favorite Pins Friday."

Here's how it works.  Pin throughout the week {I know I'm not alone when I say- "well that's not difficult"} and highlight your favorites every Friday.

 The only rule:  please make sure to link back to the ORIGINAL poster and not to Pinterest :)  Because let's be real....Pinterest is NOT a person!!!  Please and thank you so much!
Here are my *favorites* from the week...
I just LOVE Marisa's organization {from First Grade Glitter & Giggles}.
Look at all of her read alouds organized and all of her manipulatives and craft supplies!
I heart this pin!
We all have indoor recesses due to inclement weather. This is a great way to organize and keep doodle sheets, coloring books etc. organized.
Brilliant find Fancy Frugal Life!
I love "non-traditional" classroom d├ęcor. I really try to make my classroom feel like a home (or at least an extension of a home). I think that's why I like the look of this classroom board so much. These frames are now white boards. How cute!?!
I adore this "show what you know" book for Science or Social Studies.
I used paper bags for memory books at the end of the year.... But this is another great use for them :)
This is a great listening/visual arts activity! I love how the instructions are the same, yet each student creates something different :) This one's a keeper! Thanks to The Artful Parent for this great idea!
Don't forget to checkout and share your favorites with Carol and others {HERE}.
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On another note, Christine and I have been working hard together to get ready for September. It is truly a way for us to relax (believe it or not), as well as reflect and spend time together. Each time we meet we enjoy a coffee, tea, or wine, great conversation and lots of laughs. We LOVE what we do and truly consider it a hobby (for those of you who have asked "It's summer, why are you working on school stuff?")
We are planning a giveaway for our new Monday to Monday Pack that we have used every year. It's looking great! We have added some new reading cards, new parent forms & a new home/school communication tool, in our new bundle. Check back soon and enter to win one for free :)
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Saturday, 6 July 2013



Second full day in the classroom.  Wow, I have so many books.  Which is great for the students but wow what a job to sort through them.  I did this in December and I can't believe the disarray they are in after only 6 months.  Which is a good thing, because it means they are being used and read. :)

I have finished going through every cupboard and wiping all the shelves down. Most things are put back in there place and I am almost finished.  Just got home and wanted to share how cute the interactive religion bulletin board is.  My daughter Melanie made these adorable jars for all of her friends at Christmas and gave myself and my other daughter one.  I loved the idea so much I wanted to share it with the class.  I am hoping to fill the jar with sticky notes written by the students this year.

I also finished the word wall and all that is left is to sort through books and make the student notebooks and folders for next year.  Kaitlin and I are working on a fresh new look for almost all the beginning of the year packages from last year. 

Here are some pics of all the hard work from today.  Doesn't look like much but most of the work was the underground cleaning. ;)

Books, books and more books....

Here is the Religion Board. :)
and the word wall.
Hope everyone had a great Saturday. :)