Monday, 25 February 2013

Advertising Geniuses and Mathematical Architects!

Once again my students amaze me.  They are so creative and all it takes is giving them some examples and some background information and they run away with it.  Our class has just finished the media projects.  Like everything we create, it takes time and it is all trial and error.  I found the package worked really well with the students.  I made anchor charts out of the lessons and used the pbs kids site that was mentioned in the previous blog.  The kids took turns on the site with partners at the smartboard creating their own advertisements and presented them to the class. When I felt they had a good understanding of what an advertisement needs and what a target audience might be looking for, I knew they were ready to create their own product.  The students used Chinese take-out boxes for their finished products and will be presenting their juice boxes to the class this week.  We then will be voting on a class favourite based on what appeals to us and the strategies used. The two other classes have chosen to use the package for a candy bar and for cereal boxes. So far so good, they have loved the package and it is fitting their needs. Here are some pics of my class's work. 

We are working on Multiplication and Division in math right now and I want to share this site with all of you. My awesome Educational Assistant that is always finding fun things to do, found this site that had a great activity for arrays and it has turned out to be our launch into Urban and Rural communities.  So a big THANK YOU  goes out to Kimberly Mayea!   I think you are so incredible and am so grateful to have you as a partner in education. 
 I used the chart she provided for the students work.  It was a great communication tool that showed me exactly where the student's understand is.  We had students orally share their work with us and focused on the use of mathematical vocabulary and the different levels of understanding.
 We also continue to observe the Lenten Season in our classroom.
Here is a Lenten Prayer Freebie I have created to use with your students (if you so wish).
Have  a great week :)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Media Lit, Measurement & Word Choice Writing

This week I finally got to use our New Media Literacy Project with my kiddos. Christine found a great website on the net:   We used this to talk about how products appeal to us. We had many discussions and made various products using the Smartboard and this site. They LOVED it. We made a "design team" and had a "staff meeting" before our own independent projects began. We brainstormed ideas and expectations and then dove into our new Juice Box creations.
 The students brainstormed and then they created their draft design (sheets are in our pkg).

Loved the names they created. Here are a few-- Citrus Blast....
The Doctor's Juice... Rainbow Smiles
In Math, we began our measurement unit. My grade one's used blocks to measure with last year (SK), so I needed to transition them from there. After a week of looking at a centimetre, we discussed how each of their blocks were actually 2cm. When they measured, they counted by 2's. I gave both my grade ones and twos the option to use blocks (1cm & 2cm Blocks), rulers or metre sticks.

Below are some pictures of an activity called "Metric Me" by Jackie Higgins on TPT. Click {Here} to grab a copy. 
Next week I have some measurement scavenger hunts set up. I will try my best to take some pics and pass along some links this week.

Writing--My class is working on Word Choice {6+1 Writing Traits}. I have created a Working with Word Choice package. Check it out :) Pictures coming soon.....
Check out a prior post {HERE} on "Fishin' for a New Word" board in your classroom. Very cute... and easy to make :)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hall Pass Linky!

Time for a HALL PASS :)

Linking up with Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits for a linky party.
PRODUCT: One of my favourite recent products is our Energy Unit that we recently created.
It is full of lots of hands on experiments, group and independent activities.
AREA: My favourite area in my room is our Reading Nook. The reading bins are labelled easily accessible, language games and activities are close by and some comfy chairs and pillows make reading so much more enjoyable!
SIGNAL: I use a variety of phrases when transitioning-- "FREEZE", "PRESS PAUSE"... etc.
But recently I have set a timer. Works like a charm! My students have been using their time A LOT better knowing that 10 min is ACTUALLY 10 minutes! :) I am getting much better work from them, and don't seem to have as many stagglers.
SANITY- My sanity is the hour before school begins. I walk into my classroom about 45min- 1 hour before the morning bell to make sure everything is in order, copied and organized. I always make a hot green tea and work at my own pace. I like the sound of calm..... Calm before the storm :)
My other favourite moment of sanity is FRIDAY at 3:15 when the bell rings! Hehe.
Happy Thursday, Everyone :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

100's Day & Valentine's Day Recap!

THE 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!

 100's Day was Monday for us. My teaching partner's husband found LOOOONG poster paper for $5 while he was out and about. So we decided to bring my class (1/2) and the other two grade 2 classes down to the gym, along with lots of craft supplies. The students created themselves as 100 year olds and then completed a 100 year old questionnaire. We attached the questionnaire under each 100 year and hung it in our hallway! What a hit! Even the wee JK's and SK's are stopping and looking and older grades are stopping and reading. The kids did a great job.

In math, we played RACE TO 100! Kids loved it. Something easy, but very fun!
Here the students are working on a great team building activity called "Build with 100". After the student designed something with their 100 blocks, the entire class did a Gallery Walk, and was able to provide each group with feedback :)

We did a lot of fun activities on 100's Day. All of our favourite 100 Day Activities are in this package! Check it out :)
For Valentine's Day, we created Valentine's Mailboxes to store our Valentine Cards in. You can get step by step instructions in our Perfect Valentine Pack- HERE.

Last year I purchased a cute little Valentine's Package (All You Need is Love- by The Teacher Wide) for my class. I didn't around to using it because my students were in grade 3 and little more advance.... but this year teaching grade 1/2 it was great. I purchased Candy Conversation Hearts and made a little pack for each student. They used them to sort, add, subtract and graph!

We found the History of St. Valentine was a little too much for our grade 1's, 2's and 3's. So Christine decided to use the history of "The Love Knot" as a writing activity this year. Each student brainstormed and created a love knot letter for their family or family member. I staped the history, love knot (and brainstorm sheet) together and put it in an envelope. The students brought it home to give as a little Valentine note of thanks and love.

At the end of the day, I gave the students LOVE POX.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! Found this idea on The Teacher Wife's Blog! Love her! Check it out here.
I sent the kids home with a mini pack of heart stickers and this letter (you can pick it up here).
Adorable and the kids LOVED it. So many laughs and excitement.
 Enjoy your evening! Happy Valentine's Day :)