Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Snowman Writing Activity and Craft!

It is finally ready. We put a lot of LOVE into this writing and craft package!

This week long writing activity provides many opportunties for students to get creative, while hitting many writing expectations.

This creative writing activity is centered around the snowman and how he/she melted. Students use their imagination to create a story of what happened.

Before beginning to write, the students can enter into the writing process.

1.) Character Trait Lesson/Brainstorm
2.) Character Profiles (Have students work in groups, as a class or independently to read or create character profiles/ learn about character traits)
3.) Story Brainstorm & Planner (various brainstorm pages)4.) Story Timeline (various timeline choices)5.) Write the story (different types of lines for all learners)

* Bonus- Craft to accompany story
-Step by step craft with easy instructions and pictures for each step. Easy to set up craft centers for students to work independently (and you can rotate as students work at their own pace) or can be done as a whole group.
Here are some sample slides of this 57 page package!

It's on sale right now! You can pick it up {HERE}.

Have a great week!!

~Kaitlin & Christine~

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Our Cyber Monday Sale-- Starts Tomorrow!

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Friday, 23 November 2012

This Week in Grade 1/2

So it flurried today! Thank goodness it was Friday..... because if it snowed on a Monday, it would have made an even longer week. From 63 degrees F yesterday, to 36 degrees F, it sure threw the kids for a loop. Well it did in my room, anyway.

This week we finished up our measurement unit of TIME. Below are some things we did throughout the week.

 Time pockets-- The students completed clock (analog & digital) and sorted them into their appropriate pockets. The YELLOW pockets were the Grade 1's and the BLUE pockets were for the grade 2's (as they both have different expectations for TIME in the curriculum).

 We created a timeline of our typical day and KEY times for the students to know. I got this idea from Amy Lemons. So adorable!! :) Check her time package out {here}.
 Here is the Math Corner-- devoted to TIME.

 We made great use of TIME apps on the iPad this week for extra practice. These apps were free and the kids LOVED them. Super fun and very engaging.

The apps we used were:
-Interactive Telling Time - Learning to tell time is fun
-Tell Time - Little Matchups Game
-Telling Time Free

* As a group, I also used a large plastic analog clock and the kids used "The Chalkboard" app to write the digital with a partner.

Trying to change up my word study program--- trying to add new things. This week I purchased some sand and plastic plates. Two groups used playdough and the other two groups used the sand, and then we switched the next day. Love, love, love!

Gingerbread Writing Activities-- I found an online reading of The Gingerbread Man.

 Then, I gave each student a small gingerbread man and we brainstormed descriptive words.
I found some great freebies at Lori Rosenberg's Blog: Teaching with Love and Laughter.
Just love her ideas!
 We organized and coloured our gingerbread as we ate it-- each colour indicating our first, second, third and fourth bites. Then, with focus on the organization trait, we drew pictures of "How I Eat a Gingerbread Cookie" using the words First, Then, Next, and Last.

Christine and I have been working on a Winter writing activity and craft. Our goal is to have it up by December 1st! Very excited on how it's turning out :) Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend, everyone. And Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American Friends :)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Time, Time, Time... Always need more of it! :)

This week has been busy! Didn't get around to taking too many pics, but here are a few.

Began our TIME unit. The grade one's need to learn time to the hour and half hour and the two's to the quarter hour. I thought that this may be a lot more challenging for them, as their world is completely digital. But they did awesome..... So far! :)

Below is the clock in my room. I often refer to it throughout the day and made these time minute circles to add to the clock to make it a little easier. You can find some free minute cards {here}.

Pulled out a hulla hoop from the gym and did a lot of one-to-one and whole group practice with the kiddos this week on the carpet.

Got to assess a little more too while the students worked on "Parts of the Day" time activity. Each student was given a part of the day. We discussed our daily routine and what time subjects and activities begin at each day. The student each drew a picture to coincide with their "part of the day." Got this cute idea from Mrs. Lemons!

Next week....

  • Beginning a Social Studies unit on Mapping! 
       Any fun ideas out there?

Have a terrific weekend :)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Remembrance Day Success!

We finished our Remembrance Day visual art activity.  They turned out so great.  The students felt like they were making masterpieces, which they were!!!!

I mentioned the site I got the idea from in the previous email. We followed the instructions exactly until it came to the poppies. Then we pulled from our q-tip painting tress from the end of October and made poppies the same way.  Dipping one end in red paint and making 4 dots and using the other end for the black dot in the middle. As you can see-AMAZING!

Random Act of Kindness day was a hit and the students really spent time doing nice things for each other in the class. I think their favourite activity that day other than pulling a name from a hat at the start of it, was making the bookmarks for their buddy.  I had the laminating machine in the classroom and they were amazed by the finished products.

This week is the start to our school wide anti-bullying week and the RAK day was a great lead into how to be a good friend and put a stop to bullying. We brainstormed what makes a good poster today in class and the students worked on anti-bullying posters for a school wide contest. I will post finished products tomorrow, the ideas they are coming up with are so creative.

Here are some pictures of the Remembrance Day Art.

60 Minutes of Math

It has taken me a few years now to attempt to iron out a 60 minute math period. I am still learning.... BIG TIME. Last year we were given a big push towards Open Response Math.

What are Open Response Questions?
Open Response Questions allow for differentiation. It allows students at varying levels show what they are capable of and how they learn and think. You can still highlight the kids that are way off and need additional support, but it also allows the students who need  the opportunity to show/ do more, that chance.

Math is a subject that most kids either LOVE or HATE. I am really trying to help my kids LOVE it, since I was one of those kids that wasn't particuarly fond of Math. I never remember having FUN in math class. Now, as a teacher, I teach the way I wish I was taught. I LOVE math now and I am always excited to teach it.

My Math is broken into 3 parts:
1.) BEFORE – ACTIVATION, MINDS-ON- I usually use Math Journals or mini-group problems to get them thinking. It might be a concept from the day(s) prior or I may want to tap into their prior exposure/prior knowledge. This month I am using these math journal questions. Here is a sample of the questions I use: 

I cut them up and the kids glue them into their Math Journals.

-I usually teach a concept and then assign a group problem and/or independent work.

Here is the group problem the kids worked on today:

- I have been trying to bring the kids back together to summarize what we have learned and check orally if they are understand what we did in math class.
-Sometime we'll play a quick game, use flash cards or review key terms.

{Here} are some open response math journals that I created that can be used in your classroom tomorrow!

23 Journal Questions are in this package!

Specific Focus On:
2D Shapes
Open Response Questions

How do you run your Math Period?
Happy Monday!!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Weekly Round Up!

 It's almost here.... FRIDAY! :)
We are finishing 2D shapes. This year I am trying to add a combination of stands together, so that I am just not teaching "one area of a focus" for a snapshot of time. For example- we made shapes spinners and the kids named the shape they landed on and then coloured in a bar on the bar graph. They totalled up the shapes they spun the most and the least. When Data Management comes around, the kids will at least have a heads up on what's going on. 

The kids are LOVING the Star Student Week!! Their favourite day of their week so far is the reading of their "note from home" and "buddy lunch."
You can take a look at our Star Student Package. {HERE}.
Love it! :)

Tomorrow is Random Act of Kindness Day and we are also commemorating Remembrance Day. Here is the craft and writing activity (5W Poem) we created this week. The 5W poem was centered around what THEY could do at school to spread peace and kindness. You can download a free templete of this 5W poem {HERE}. We will also be singing and performing our actions to MAYBE TOMORROW. The lyrics are below.

You can also take a peak at what Christine and I will be using in our classes tomorrow to make the most of R.A.K. Day :)
Check it out {here}.

This week we also are wrapping up our Science units. Each grade is completing a final "CYCLE" diagram. The grades ones are working on: The Cycle of Change/Seasons/Trees and the grade twos are working on: The Water Cycle.



Monday, 5 November 2012


This Friday is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Here's a great mini-package to help get the ball rolling.... Click {here} for more info and to link up to our TPT Store.

Jumping into November

Well, we made it through October with a bang.  Had a wonderful day on Halloween, the students went Trick or Treating to the other grade 3 classes.  I was lost without my partner Kaitlin at my school, so I fell down a rabbit hole and went to school as Alice in Wonderland. The class had a fantastic time on Halloween.  We worked on pumpkin shape poems, made Frankenstein treat bags, and played old fashion games like drop the clothes pin in the cup, bean bag toss, witch hat toss, and pin the wing on the bat. The Halloween scavenger hunt was a huge hit, and I have included some pics of the hidden pictures around the room. If you missed out on the Halloween scavenger hunt this year make sure it is on your wish list for next year. What a great day.

Later in the week the class worked on an art activity that tied into our pioneer unit and our chapter study of "Little House in the Big Woods. These Owl's are very simple and were made out of brown paper bags, but as you can see, each were so unique. The students absolutely loved the whole activity. After each chapter we read the students answer some comprehension questions, but at the end of this chapter they were thrilled to work on something a little more hands on. 

Today we started our Remembrance Day masterpieces that I found yesterday by "That Artist Women" http://www.thatartistwoman.org/2008/11/remembrance-day-painting-art-project.html.  I have included some pictures of their works of art in the beginning stages. So far they are amazing. We have something planned for Random Act of Kindness Day this Friday and it will be posted on our blog and Teacher Pay Teacher very soon.