Sunday, 30 September 2012

Independent Reading Box!

We have finally finished putting together THE INDEPENDENT READING BOX! Wahoooo! We LOVE it!

Independent Reading BoxIndependent reading is a significant portion of the Literacy Block.
This package helps make this part of the language program run smoothly—with no fuss!
Inside of this package is:
·        Instructions on how to use The Literacy Box
·        Pictures of how the covers are use/ boxes we use
·        Independent Reading Duotang Cover
·        Indepedent Reading Response Cover
·        Reading Strategy Focus explanation
·        Student Reading Interest Survey
·        Reading Interest Recording Sheet
·        Reading Record Sheet (for students to use)
·        List of Independent Reading Duotang Material
·        Reading Response Questions
·        Reading Conference Sheet
·        Choosing the Best Book (bookmark)
·        Reader Response Help Cards
If you have any questions about this Reading Box, please feel free to email us or comment below.
Click {HERE} to purchase the package!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Little Math, Terry Fox and a Thanksgiving Idea

We are finishing up Sorting and Patterning this week.
As a concluding activity, the grades ones and twos made bookmarks!

Here were the expectations:

 When they completed their task, each student had to write their name on the back and create additional patterns with different attributes.

Friday at our school is the TERRY FOX RUN!
Getting ready for the special day, we read all about Terry Fox (my grade 1/2 summarized version), and then wrote about why Terry Fox is our hero.

Although we are working on our word families, letter/sound activities.... my grade ones cannot write. Soooo.... when it comes to activities such as this, we brainstorm as a group and they choose the answer they would like (filling in the blanks). They are so proud to be WRITING! hehehe.... My grade twos can write about 3-5 sentences right now (so yes, there is a HUGE gap), but definitely keeps me busy and NEVER bored haha.


As seen from previous posts, I am a huge fan of classroom books! Here is a package I put together to create a few take-homes or classroom keepers during the week of Thanksgiving.

Inside this package:
* A page for each letter of THANKSGIVING + author page
 * Thanksgiving Sight Words with clipart
* Thank You Letter Page (for kids to Guardians)
* Thank You (tags from Teacher to Students)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Goals This Year

So this year I have made a few goals. One goal is that I (Kaitlin) don't get so STUCK in teaching ONE thing for a brief snapshot in time. For instance-- things like Text to Self/Text etc., the weather, graphing... you get the drift. 

This year (so far) I have introduced many topics/themes that we will come in contact with in much more detail at a later time, but want to give the students tid-bits of exposure to.

Here are some examples below--It's definitely going to be a re-vamp/learning year.

Here is a text to text comparison. Both grades nailed the comparison and couldn't believe that there were so many connections between a little girl and fish under the sea! I paralleled this lesson with Fully Alive (being unique) and voila! Fun little activity-- little stress and prep.

My morning message taps in many mini-lessons. Every day we discuss upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, ordinal numbers and whatever lesson is coming soon (i.e. graphing, weather, new words).

Making Connections is usually one of the writing ideas used in September. With a combo of grade 1's and 2's I decided to make a few class books to go along with a read aloud. Each student has their own page in each classroom book, which becomes a NEW book in the classroom library. The students were very excited to be AUTHORS and ILLUSTRATORS!

At this time, I have begun to send home easy-reads home with many students inside of their Monday to Monday Homework Folder. I use a plain old binder to sign these books out, to keep track of who has what.

 Here is the inside.

Assessment..... Grrrr.... So I have vowed to become better at assessing this year. Here is my attempt.

Each student has their own card holder for anecdotal notes etc.

I am not tracking their Monday to Monday reading log minutes-- Super easy to collect each Monday. I can do my part at school, but come parent/teacher time, I want parents to be able to see what work still needs to be put in at home-- (ie. reading and comprehension)

 Grade One beginning of the year assessments.

Basic sight words.

Letter recognition and sounds.

Stay tuned for a Terry Fox Freebie.... We're also working on a Classroom Thanksgiving Book and An Independent Reading Box- full of goodies!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Indigo/ Chapters Teacher Appreciation Day

If you have not already heard....Indigo/Chapters is having a Teacher Appreciation Day September 28th-30th.
Click here for more info.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Week 3... Wow, time is flyin'!

Can't even believe 3 weeks have gone by!

This week we are finishing up our first unit in Math. I've been trying to come up with as many hands on activities as possible!

Have you found any FUN and UNIQUE activities for Math (patterning)? Feel free to share :)

Here the kids are patterning (grade 1's with one attribute and gade 2's two or more) with foam shapes.

Word work....

Teaching secondary and primary colours--drawing and painting our unique schools of fish.

Gettin' ready to kick off our Terry Fox Week....
After showing the students pictures and books about Terry Fox and discussing his life, one of my students today- "Miss..... we can raise a lot of money and find a cure.... We can help Terry Fox get better." Too cute! :)

Found some links this week that might interest you..... - Spelling and Vocabulary Activities/Games - Great for Brainstorming/Literacy (perhaps in the computer lab).

Canadian Thanksgiving.... 2 weeks away! Ahhhh..... What are you doing for Thanksgiving in your classroom?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Funday- Birthday Tags & Absent Students

Christine & I have been workin' hard this week to get things in order in both of our classrooms. After a busy 2 weeks, we are now trying to iron out the "little details" that seem to squeak by us-- like birthdays and absent students.

Some of you have asked for the tags--- So Chrisitne has made up some to share! They are awesome, and you can make them as adorable as you would like (i.e. print them on different colour cardstock, add stickers, have the kids colour their own tag....). Inside of the bag you can add anything you like! If you are REALLY lost as to what to put in them, somewhere to start is the kids birthday party section at Target or Walmart. They have lots of cute loot!

You can pick up the birthday tags here.... for FREE!

Another small detail that seems to sneak by us, is keeping absent student work organized and easy!
Inside of this folder are folder/envelope covers, to place any work the absent student is missing while he or she is away (3 different designs & layouts).

There is also a recording sheets where you can mark down page numbers, instructions or small notes for the specific student on that specific day.
No more worrying about putting aside sheets etc. Just put them in them in the homework Absent Folder/Envelope

Below is one of the absent folder designs..... there are two others, in case you want something different.
You can pick this package up here!
Have a great week, everyone!
Christine & Kaitlin (K & C)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mrs. Edmunds Week Two...

So birthdays..... I am always scrambling to get things together for a birthday treat. This week I made birthday tags and bags up for each student. Then I made a birthday wall. I can just grab the ready-made birthday treat (no stress)! Hehehe. Plus, the kids are sooooo excited!

Began Word Study-- Trying to create as many hands on activities as possible. If you have any new ideas, please comment!! :)

 The morning message is helping me keep the ones and twos together a terrific morning/language discussion!

 "No, David!"By David Shannon--> Making Connections-- Christine showed me this idea from Pinterest   We made connections to the rules in our classroom and what David COULD DO if he was in our class!

Stay tuned for birthday labels and Phys. Ed. Centers.......... :)